The rules for a first date with a guy. How to avoid mistakes

The first date is always a very exciting event for a girl. You want to make a good impression on the guy and get a chance to continue the relationship. To arouse a desire for new meetings, to interest him is a difficult but solvable task. To do this, you need to know the rules of the first date.


Come on a date on time, do not make the guy wait for you. So you show respect for the partner. This is a big misconception that a girl is allowed to be late. It is allowed when your relationship is already formed and you know each other well.


Forget about stress and shyness. You can be restrained, but not timid. An open look, a gentle smile, a relaxed conversation will remove stiffness and create a favorable atmosphere at the first meeting.


Do not lose your mind. No need to laugh out loud and categorically speak out on any issue. Behave naturally.


Carefully think over clothes, a hair and a make-up. You need to start with a correct assessment of your appearance: try to highlight the advantages and smooth out the shortcomings.

If you adhere to a sporty style in clothes – pick up pants that perfectly fit your figure. The length of the trousers hides half of the heel – this visually lengthens the legs. A blouse should suit your color type.

If you like a classic style, then opt for a dress. On the first date, one should not surprise the chosen one with a too short skirt or a deep neckline.

The hairstyle should be natural.

You can update the haircut or dye your hair in your color, and not in green or blue. Hair is an addition to your image, not a separate part of it.

Makeup should emphasize your personality. Experiment for a few days and choose the appropriate one for the image. It is better, of course, to trust a makeup artist because the first date is a responsible meeting.

It is important to take into account the weather on the date of the meeting because an umbrella forgotten at home can ruin any meeting.


A guy will remember properly selected fragrance for a long time. You should choose perfume according to the meeting time and place. It should be significantly different if you have a date in a cafe, night club or theater.


It is better to meet for the first time in the place where you feel comfortable: a small cozy cafe, a walk in the park. Loud music, a large crowd of people will interfere with the conversation and you will know nothing about the guy.


Think in advance of topics for conversation: what you will talk about, what questions you will ask, what to tell about yourself. On a date, try to listen carefully to everything that the person you are talking to. Remember the names of the people he talked about, the events that happened to him. Take an interest in his hobbies and dreams. Ask about the profession, but do not touch on the topic of income.

The first minutes of the meeting can be decisive in the development of your relationship, so every detail is important. Smile sincerely, look into the eyes of your chosen one and say something pleasant.

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