The features of communication with strangers in the online chat

Nowadays more and more entrepreneurs are giving preference to do business on the Internet. It also has its own laws and business rules. So, a lot of entrepreneurs have their own websites. They use modern ways of communication with their customers, for instance, the online chat.

The online chat allows you to quickly answer the your customer’s questions. You can also perform additional functions in parallel, such as collecting a database, informing the customer about different events and other functions that are aimed at improving the quality of the customer service.

The rules of communication in the online chat

First of all, it is important to understand that you are talking to a stranger. He is a potential client of the company. Here are the main rules that must be followed:

* do not leave a customer unanswered. The customer should understand that you worry about him and you are ready to solve his issue at any time. You can hire a special operator to answer the questions, who has an experience in dealing with strangers. Of course, there are situations when you can leave for a break or do not work at all. In this case, use the mobile application or the answering machine, which informs your client that you have accepted his question. He will wait for your reply;

* you should not interfere in the client’s affairs. It is important to wait for the client’s question and do not interrupt him, otherwise he will close the chat. Most often this time is about 45 seconds after the client has entered the site. You should know what time is optimal for a pop-up window with the online chat;

* give your customers the right to choose a way of communication. Connect different social networks, the messengers and other opportunities to communicate with customers;

* use additional features of the online chats. These functions allow transferring the dialogue to another specialist and so on;

* remember that the online chat does not increase the number of customers. It allows you to answer the customer’s questions and improves the image of your company.

What else is important to remember?

Setting up communication in the online chat, you should remember the rules of etiquette. It is important to select a manager who will follow the rules of etiquette communicating with potential customers. Moreover, the manager must be educated.

There are cases when the operator makes spelling mistakes or gives false information about a product or a service. This immediately reduces the company’s image and makes it unreliable in the eyes of the client.

Carefully select the staff that will be responsible for communication with the strangers in the online chat. Such a manager should not only be aware of new products of your company, but also be friendly and be able to offer additional services.

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