Pets as a topic for communication in a chat

Many people dream of getting rid of excessive modesty and constraint, because even in an online chat with such features it is not easy to start a conversation with the interlocutor. In addition, this talent is relevant not only in virtual communication, but also in ordinary life. Fortunately, there are universal topics for conversation, during which you can get to know a person.

The first step to communication

Starting a conversation after a greeting, try to touch on a wide variety of topics and observe how the interlocutor responds to them. Using the technique, you can assume what kind of interests a new acquaintance has.

Another universal option to start a conversation is pets. Almost all love these cute creatures, regardless of gender, age, professional activity, or other parameters. As practice shows, this topic encourages communication, making it easy and relaxed.

Talking about pets is fascinating for both sexes. You can talk about your pet, give interesting facts and even ask for advice, for example, how to treat a furry friend in a particular situation.

Act should be based on what kind of animal the interlocutor has. If it is a cat, start a conversation related to this animal.

1. In one American town, they run cat races. The winner and its owner receive substantial cash prizes.

2. The cat family spend most of their lives in a state of sleep.

3. Scientists have proven that if a cat makes sounds like snoring or sleeps with his stomach up, he loves and trusts his master.

4. When drinking, cats throw water in their mouth, folding their tongue into a tube.

5. Contrary to popular belief, a cat wags its tail not when it is unhappy, but only when it begins to have doubts.

6. The largest cat, whose weight reaches more than 30 kg is an Australian.

If your new friend is holding a dog, tell him a couple of interesting facts that are likely to become news for a person:

1. Leave the mark on the territory, the dog recognizes it even after one and a half to two years.

2. The largest breed is considered to be St. Bernard. One of the dogs of this breed weighs 158 kg.

3. The smallest dog is the Yorkshire Terrier. The minimum weight of the dog is 120 grams.

4. The dog will begin to wag its tail as soon as the owner begins to laugh.

5. A dog has a lot in common with a person. That is why the dog is so devoted to the owner that he is ready to go with him to the other side of the world.

When choosing pets as a topic for conversation, do not forget about humour. This will make the overall atmosphere easy.

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