How to meet on Olive?

Olive is a dating chat where you can chat using your webcam. This opens up great opportunities for users, allows you to find a person from another corner of the world or your compatriot. The chat is available in an application that can be downloaded to any phone in a few seconds. After that, all that remains is to confirm your age and terms of use, turn on your webcam and start looking for interesting people.

How people date on Olive

To start chatting, simply pick a cute girl or man and then say “Hello!” to them. You can set up search filters by gender or country to search for your compatriots. Communication with representatives of different countries takes place mainly in English, but you can use the built-in translator.

Not only video communication is available in the application, but also standard text messages. To do this, just send a few nice words to the user you like. The method makes it possible to remain anonymous, not to reveal your face.

If you like the interlocutor, you can add him to your friends list so that you can communicate with him later at any time.

Here are some useful recommendations to help make your communication more productive:

1. Take the initiative. This rule applies to both girls and men, because stereotypes about who should write first have long ceased to work. The more active you are, the more interesting friends you will make.

2. Be honest. If one person is looking for a serious relationship, and the other is looking for non-binding meetings or simple online communication, this will not lead to anything good. Indicate in advance what exactly you are looking for in this chat.

3. Post eye-catching photos on your profile to attract different people.

4. Show respect for your interlocutors. Incitement of conflicts on the basis of gender, religion, social, political and other grounds is not allowed. If the moderator notices this, you will most likely be blocked. The same goes for being naked in front of the screen. Despite the fact that the chat is intended for adult users, this is a violation of the rule.

5. Use the built-in translator. Now language barriers will not be a problem for full-fledged communication – you can get to know a guy or a girl from a distant corner of the planet. However, for communication without borders, we recommend that you improve your English at least to the basic level so that you can always find a common language.

6. Users can come to the chat and delete their profiles. In order not to lose someone who is important to you, ask them for contacts to communicate in a more private setting.

So, using Olive is a great way to make interesting friends from all over the world and even go on a real date! Just download the application to your phone and start dating.

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