How to choose the right questions for a date

According to statistics, women often ask questions to the interlocutor in order to maintain a conversation. Men, however, resort to such tactics if the topics of conversation are exhausted. In reality, competent questions will help liberate the interlocutor, learn his character, interests and hobby. Properly selected questions for a date will make it lively and interesting.

What questions can you ask?

1. Are you happy with everything? This question is relevant if the interlocutor tells about the features of his professional activity, while being dissatisfied with everything that happens at work.

2. What do you think? It is another question relevant to dating. For example, an interlocutor asks how you feel about veganism. True answers should be given to these questions, while no one forbids asking their interlocutor. It may seem that such topics are too personal. A question can be asked on any topic, whether it is related to intimate addictions.

3. What kind of relationship do you want at the moment? Many people are embarrassed to ask such questions on a first date, afraid to look rude and indecent, wanting to drag a companion into a serious relationship. But in reality, this question allows the interlocutor to honestly talk about their goals, but you can draw certain conclusions. This will save a ton of time and decide whether to continue the relationship.

4. Why are you single? On the one hand, this question sounds rather rude. But try setting it another way: “Why is such a beautiful and educated woman still alone?”. A story about the ex will help you understand if there was something unacceptable for you in a relationship. Also, within the framework of the question, one can assess whether a person is able to admit his mistakes, how emotionally open he is, etc.

5. What about health? This question is relevant if you feel that your relationship with an interlocutor can go to a new level. It is better to ask in advance whether the interlocutor has sexually transmitted diseases. By asking such questions to a man, you will make it clear to him that he is not indifferent to you. You can show that you are interested in the health of a partner. If the answer to your question is strange and inadequate, this will indicate that it is better not to become closer with this person.

6. How do you like me? If the interlocutor is honest, you can get valuable information about what impression you make.

In general, on a date you can ask any questions you are interested in, because even the first meeting can become the main one for your relationships.

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