How not to offend someone in a chat?

One of the rules of Omegle and Chatroulette is friendly communication. Sometimes inadvertently people offend each other with words, gestures and actions. How to conduct a conversation so as not to offend the person in a chat?

The simplest rules of communication

Online communication does not differ from live one. Therefore, follow the rules of etiquette. Aggressiveness, swearing, humiliating words, insults are not acceptable.

Conversate with one interlocutor

Do not be distracted by other people during the conversation. If there is someone else in the room besides you, he will attract your attention. Either let this person join the conversation, or let him sit quietly.

Discuss the topic

Do not switch to another topic if the current one is not interesting. Listen to the interlocutor, give the opportunity to express an opinion on this matter. If the topic of the conversation is not pleasant at all, tactfully say so.

Do not interrupt your interlocutor

If you need to say something, wait until the person on the other side of the monitor finishes the sentence. An interruption in the conversation will offend the pertner.

Do not keep silence

Long silence indicates a lack of interest in communication. You also should not silently interrupt the conversation. If you need to go out, apologize, and then go.

Finish the conversation in time

If the topic is not interesting, and the other person has nothing more to add, finish this conversation.

How to finish an uninteresting conversation politely?

A boring conversation will not do any good. You should finish the conversation, but do it properly.

· Use gestures. An open mouth will show a desire to stop the conversation.

· Say you do not understand this topic. The interlocutor will understand that it makes no sense to continue the conversation.

· Tell about personal principles. Not all people like gossips, discuss someone’s private life.

· Make an unexpected compliment. In the middle of a conversation, a complement will help change the subject.

· Pay attention to yourself. If the interlocutor enthusiastically talks about himself, forgetting about you, then tactfully insert the following phrases: “And I have …”, etc.

· Offer help. Endless complaints may never end. Ask: “Can I help you somehow?” It is clear that you cannot help in any way at a great distance, but you will show your sympathy.

· Pretend they are ringing your phone or door.

· Finish the conversation with pleasant words. Say sincerely: “Thank you, it was interesting to meet you!” or “I was very happy to communicate with you!”.

No need to make excuses, no one is to blame that the acquaintance turned out to be uninteresting. Above all, do not forget to smile and speak sincerely. Omegle and Chatroulette have a wide active audience. Among the 5000 online users there is sure to be one who will be a good friend to you.

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