Compliments for men in a chat-roulette. Tips and tricks

The widespread belief that compliments are the prerogative of men only, and accepting them is the privilege of women, has long been out of date. All the psychologists of the world say that absolutely everyone loves pleasant words, men especially.

And in order to become a popular person in a chat-roulette, you need to keep the guy’s attention for a long time. Correctly and on time, a compliment to a man can convince him to return to a private chat specifically for you.

In this article you will find several options for compliments to interest the guy you like.

“And you are handsome!” Where is the originality in this banal phrase? Of course, the compliment itself looks standard, but girls rarely say such a phrase. Only in the movies! The guy will immediately understand that he is interested in you.

“And what are you doing in sports?” This question will flatter any guy who has at least some claims to own a sports figure. And if the guy mentioned that he was visiting the gym, this phrase should be uttered by you necessarily.

“You look cool in this t-shirt / shirt / jacket!” You can say: “This T-shirt suits you.” But this phrase looks formal, a guy may not believe it. And the sincere admiration for “you look cool in …” sounds convincing and unusual.

“You have such a deep / thrilling voice!” What else is needed for a guy who was told that he can drive girls crazy with his voice? Your interlocutor will feel at the height of one thought that his voice has turned your head.

“There is something like that in your smile ….” Not every man often hears compliments addressed to him, especially about his appearance. But a compliment to his smile will be appropriate even for a real brutal without a hint of cuteness.

“I have not met a guy who would be as confident in yourself as you!” All men, regardless of age, need attention and approval from a woman. Be sure that any guy will be grateful to you for these words.

“It is so easy and pleasant for me to talk with you!” This is a very simple compliment, but has such a hidden power. It is suitable for light flirting, for raising men’s self-esteem because it sounds natural. The guy will definitely remember these words.

“I have not met such a determined guy for a long time!” An aim makes a man in the eyes of a woman more courageous. This compliment enhances his self-confidence and trust in you.

“You are the funniest guy I have ever known!” or “I have not met a guy with humor for a long time!” The theme of humor and fun is always a winning one. Guys like to think that they have a cool sense of humor and if they are able to make a girl laugh, then he will surely adore her. You should not disappoint him in this if the guy interested you. Sincere female laughter is a huge victory for him.

To listen and be silent, by the way, is also one of the forms of compliment and sympathy. Look with interest at your interlocutor and sometimes ask him questions on the topic. The guy will be sure that you appreciated his mind and abilities.

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