Brief instruction of using Chatroulette

Chatroulette is a service that unites strangers from all over the world. The type of conversation includes audio, video and text, depending on the choice of each interlocutor.

Of course, the most famous site in the world is Chatroulette. It is the best and the most used site. Without having division into ‘rooms’, it is possible to find everything in it.

Chatroulette randomly connects the webcams of people from all over the world. This is something like an upgraded version of quick dating with an integrated chat.

You can communicate with new people around the world using your webcam on, but, unfortunately, you can also see there something you never wanted to see, because Chatroulette is partly a pornographic site for exhibitionists.

Main details of Chatroulette

From an aesthetic point of view, this site does not stand out. There are a white web page, two webcam windows and a simple chat interface.

Although the visitors of the site must not use nude and sexual content, they will definitely meet it. You can complain about this to the site administrators, but it does not seem to be helpful. The creators of Chatroulette claim that they have image recognition monitoring, but it is not effective.

Therefore, Chatroulette is not a safe place for children. Sending the sexual content to people under eighteen is a crime, but it is difficult to track down criminals who use sites such as Chatroulette, so you should think about blocking adult sites on your computer, if you have children.

Excellent video quality

Unlike social networks such as Facebook, Chatroulette attracts people who do not want to establish strong friendship with the site users.

In fact, due to the poor reputation of the website, more and more people visit Chatroulette specifically seeking for sexual content. Users interested in friendship visit other sites. A lot of users usually close the dialogue at the very beginning, that is why you will probably see hundreds of faces.

Chatroulette’s only noticeable feature is clear, high-quality video broadcasting. Unfortunately, there is usually nothing on the site that is worth seeing or hearing.

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