Acquaintance in video chat: what questions to ask a partner during the first communication

Modern Internet industry allows users not only to send or receive voice messages and emails, but also communicate using a special video chat. The Omegle and Chatroulette services are excellent resources in this direction, providing high-quality video communication with interlocutors from different parts of Russia. Such resources are especially popular among boys and girls who are looking for a soul mate.

Anyone who uses the service can make new acquaintances and enjoy pleasant communication. To do this, you need only three things – a good mood, a microphone and a webcam. Though, so that your interlocutor does not lose interest in communicating with you right after your first acquaintance, you should not ask silly and ridiculous questions.

What questions to ask your interlocutor when meeting in the Chat Roulette

Do not be afraid to get acquainted. You can start a conversation with common simple phrases like “Hello, I want to get to know you.” At the same time, both boys and girls can start a conversation with this phrase. If the first step is taken, and your opponent does not mind  continuing communication, you should try to get to know this person closer.

You should ask such questions that are easy and pleasant to answer.  and with their help you could understand better what kind of person you are dealing with. For example:

  1. “What are you most grateful for in your life?” As he ponders the answer, the interlocutor will remember the best moments of his/her life. This will help to relax and improve the mood, and it will be easier for you to assess how sincere and grateful your interlocutor can be.
  2. “What are you dreaming about? Do you have any dreams that you have not managed to realize yet, why?” It is both easy and difficult to answer these questions. It is always nice to talk about the most intimate dreams. But not everyone can admit why they failed to realize their plans. If the interlocutor admits this, then the intimacy between you will only increase with every minute.
  3. “What do you think it is important for me to know about you in advance if we become close friends?” On the one hand, such a question will help you to assure the interlocutor that you intend to have a long relationship. On the other hand, you will be able to find out really important issues about a potential partner.
  4. “Though we have know each other not long, may I tell you what I have already liked about you?” Here you should show maximum sincerity and try to analyze the best qualities without offending the interlocutor.
  5. “What is the role of friendship and love in particular in your life?” It is important that the interlocutor answered this question extremely honestly and thoughtfully insted of using common phrases. This will allow you to define how seriously a person takes essential and fundamental things in life.

Undoubtedly, these questions are optional but they help you understand your companion’s principles of life from the very first minutes of communication. The main thing is to talk without tension, not to use foul language and not to promote your prejudices.

With the help of the right questions the conversation will become unforgettable and fascinating, and their competent use will demonstrate your sense of tact, attention and humor to your partner. With this approach to communication you may count on further meetings that can develop into a committed and lasting friendship.

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